The best time to go to St. Barts depends on what you’re looking for when you come to the island. The shortest answer to this question is, well, anytime! St. Barts is located in the Caribbean Sea, with fair, warm weather almost all year. There is a season when storms are more frequent, but typically the stormy season is still enjoyable with fast-moving systems dropping short-lived rainstorms on the island. The seasons and events here usually determine when most people visit the island. Here are some details about the seasonal aspects and events on St. Barts.

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The Ideal Seasons: Best Time to Visit St. Barts

A first-timer to this gem of an island might not realize that St. Barts has four distinct seasons, each with their advantages. The best time to visit St. Barts for you might depend on crowds, special events, and weather. Here’s what to expect each season in St. Barts.

  • Winter: St. Barts is just above the Equator, so the winter seasons are roughly the same as all Northern Hemisphere places: December to March. However, the winter is much milder and warmer than what you may be used to during this time of year. Also, keep in mind that because St. Barts is so close to the Equator (relative to the US or Europe) the sunset and sunrise times are very similar all year. Most visitors agree that St. Bart’s “Lent” season, during the winter, is the best time to visit because the weather is warm and calm and there are several Lent festivals then. This is the most popular time to visit, however, so expect crowds throughout the streets of Gustavia, the capital of St. Barts.
  • Fall: Unpredictable and sometimes intense storms keep tourism to the island low during the fall, but again, this time is when you can find the best deals for lodging and more. For the more adventurous, this is when to go to St. Barts.
  • Spring: Many people say that springtime is the best time to visit St. Barts because the weather is calm, the crowds have subsided after the Lent season, and you can enjoy all the amenities of the busy winter season. The spring is when several events occur, including the St. Barth Film Festival and the West Indies Regatta.
  • Summer: As with almost all popular Caribbean destinations, summer is actually an off-season. During this time, you can find the most affordable lodging, dining, and shopping, but beware, many hotels, shops, and restaurants close down during this off-peak period. This downtime is caused by the start of Hurricane Season.

When Is the Optimal Time to Go to St. Barts?

Again, the best time to go to St. Barts depends on what you’re looking for. The majority of regular St. Barts visitors would swear that winter is the best time to go, but that’s when prices are highest, and crowds are the largest. It’s also when Lent festivals occur and special events around the holidays are held. If you want to experience the full St. Barts experience, winter is the time to see and be seen.

If you are willing to wait out the cold weather and get to spring, that season can be when to go to St. Barts. Crowds are smaller, prices,–particularly lodging–are lower, yet you can still experience the many beaches and natural wonders of the island.

Many travelers brave the threat of storms and visit the island in the summer or fall, knowing that they will have large portions of the island’s beaches to themselves, even if many of the spectacular restaurants and shops are closed then. Whenever you decide to go, make sure you book your arrangements far in advance, even during the off-season.


Key Considerations

Any visitor to St. Barts will tell you, the best time to visit is anytime! This is a unique Caribbean island full of history, beautiful architecture, lush natural spaces, sun, beaches, all the amenities, shopping, and more. With so many things to do on the island all year long, you can’t go wrong. But consider the hurricane season when you book your trip, and remember that if you’re trying to visit St. Barts during the off-season, some features of the island may be unavailable.

Consider who you are taking with you on your trip. For young children, perhaps an off-season visit is best to give them some space and time to truly explore and get to know the island more intimately, away from the larger events and crowds that occur during the winter and late fall.

Come to St. Barts at Any Time!

If you’re considering a trip to St. Barts, start looking at booking now! Even during the off-season, St. Barts is a very popular Caribbean destination, and it’s not hard to see why. Make sure you consider the events and climate of the season you visit.