St. Barts is world-renowned for its cuisine and food scene, and the St Barts restaurants are why it’s such a foodie destination. Whether you’re looking for classical Italian or French food, or to sample some of the local delights of the island, there’s a St. Barts restaurant for you and your family. Read more about the top ten St. Barts restaurants below.

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Top Restaurants in St. Barts

You’ll find information about our top ten St. Barts restaurants below:


L’Esprit, under head chef Jean Claude Dufour, offers diners an unforgettable experience.

Walk into a tropical rainforest and find Dufour’s menu selections for the day, based on the freshest ingredients to be had.

No matter when you visit L’Esprit, however, you’ll be blown away by the delicious dishes Dufour sets out.

restaurant l'esprit st barts

Amis St. Barth

A blend of Caribbean style and French culinary foundations, Amis St. Barth offers an exquisite breakfast buffet. When the sun sets, the dinner menu comes out, and that’s when master French chef Vincent Gomis truly shines.

Gomis uses local ingredients to bring out a vibrant French and Mediterranean menu that won’t disappoint.

ami st barth restaurant

Le Tamarin

The centerpiece of the Le Tamarin dining room is the 100-year-old Tamarind tree in the middle of a lush garden. On the table, you’ll find a fusion of French traditional dishes mixed with local fare.

The fabulous cocktail menu opens after 6pm to add a tasty treat to your dining experience.

tamarin restaurant saint barthelemy

Bonito St. Barth

Bonito may be the most famous and popular restaurant in St. Barts, which is saying something, considering how many world-renowned chefs have opened excellent kitchens there.

Experience this exceptional ceviche bar along with Venezuelan and Peruvian dishes to knock your socks off.

restaurant saint barth le bonito


L’Isola is a popular, high-end restaurant in Gustavia. What makes L’Isola one of the most fun places to eat in St. Bart is its small plates.

Choose from a wide range of traditional and new Italian dishes to share, and be sure to check out the extensive wine list as well when you visit.

l'isola restaurant st barth

La Petite Plage Saint-Barthélemy

La Petite Plage opened a new version of its restaurant on St. Barts fairly recently, and the reception has been excellent by the locals. Both fashionable and cozy, the interior will help you appreciate the high-end French cuisine coming out of the kitchen.

Be sure to sample the specialty cocktail list while you visit, and you won’t be disappointed. Chef Eric Frechon, elected one of France’s Best Chefs, cooks up Mediterranean and French dishes featuring local ingredients and products.

la petite plage restaurant saint barts

Bagatelle St. Barths

Another excellent French Mediterranean restaurant is Bagatelle. Bagatelle is located in the heart of Gustavia and remains one of the best restaurants in St. Barts.

The menu is full of French classics and new, distinctly Caribbean twists on French fare.

restaurant st barts bagatelle

Ocean Club St Barths

The Ocean Club is famous as the meeting place for the yacht races that take place each year in St. Barts. The restaurant, along with the bar, is well worth visiting on your own even if no racing event is taking place.

The Ocean Club is also a beautiful resort, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the water, many exclusive amenities, and more. Drop by the restaurant for lunch, dinner, a fine cocktail, or a snack.

Ocean club st barts


Up-and-coming Chef Jarad McCarroll creates “bespoke gastronomy” for his guests at his eponymous restaurant in St. Barts. For the ultimate culinary experience, sign up for a bespoke menu. The restaurant Jarad McCarroll offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and can even create a private barbecue for customers on request.

jarad restaurant st barts

How About Hotel Restaurants in St. Barts?

Some of the best restaurants in St. Barts are in luxury hotels. Here are a few of the local favorites:

RIVYERA restaurant

Transport yourself to the French Riviera at RIVYERA restaurant and bar in St. Barthélemy at Christopher Hotel. Two-star Michelin chef, Arnaud Faye, curates a delectable menu inspired by the South of France, served in a casual, chic atmosphere. Savor lunch, dinner, or breakfast, with a reduced menu in the afternoon. In the evenings, enjoy expertly crafted cocktails designed by an artist, featuring infused spirits, all while basking in the luxurious French Riviera ambiance. Led by the esteemed chef Faye, RIVYERA promises an unforgettable culinary and cultural journey.

Our villas in this hotel: Villa Pinta St Barth 3-BD, Villa Pinta St Barth 4-BD.

ivyera restaurant hotel st barth

La Case (Cheval Blanc)

Located at the Cheval Blanc Hotel, La Case has established itself as a must-try destination for discerning diners. This elegant restaurant has garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest in St. Barths, offering a captivating culinary experience that blends French flair with the freshest local ingredients.

Imagine indulging in delectable dishes crafted with the finest Caribbean catches, like the yellow-fin tuna tartar, or savoring the succulent flavors of a perfectly prepared Caribbean lobster. La Case’s menu promises a symphony of tastes, showcasing the very best of the island’s bounty with a touch of French finesse.

la case cheval blanc st barts

Gyp Sea Beach Club

The Gyp Sea Beach Club is a vibrant restaurant and beach club in St. Barts. This beachfront haven offers a lively atmosphere, perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying the island vibes. Relax on plush sun loungers, indulge in delicious, locally-sourced cuisine crafted by skilled chefs, and sip on hand-crafted cocktails by the talented barman.

Whether you’re seeking a festive family atmosphere or a romantic beachfront escape, Gyp Sea Beach Club promises an unforgettable island experience. DJs mix tunes, the festive energy is contagious, and the menu features simple, yet stylish, rustic dishes.

Our villas in this hotel: Villa Sunset Corail, Villa bohemian Blue, Villa Wild Banana, Villa Coco Mango.

gypsea club st barts

Don't Miss the Best Restaurants in St. Barts

Don’t let the culinary journey stop here! The restaurants highlighted are just the beginning of what St. Barts has to offer. With a plethora of dining options available, each with its unique flair and flavors, your taste buds are in for a treat. From seaside eateries serving fresh, local seafood to cozy bistros offering traditional French cuisine, there’s something to satisfy every palate. So, embark on a gastronomical adventure across St. Barts and discover the island’s full potential. Make your reservations today and prepare to be amazed by the culinary delights that await you.