There are plenty of things to do in St Barts, even some activities you wouldn’t expect on this Caribbean island paradise. If you’re visiting the island anytime soon, you’ll find many ideas for what to do in St. Barts, but where to begin? Read more about many fun activities for couples, families, and more.

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Things to Do in St Barts: Explore the Charms of this Caribbean Gem

Many people love to simply explore a place they haven’t visited to get the lay of the land, and a sense of the culture, and to help discover unique activities and areas they haven’t seen or experienced yet. St. Barts has a rich history embedded amongst the luxury resorts and beaches that populate the island and represent its biggest draw for tourism.

Indeed, tourists typically make up the bulk of the population of the 9.26 square mile island in the high season. It’s known to be a destination because of its relatively smaller crowds at all the tourist spots, its exquisite beaches, and its top-notch luxury accommodations. The island is not easy to get to for many people around the world, but once there, you can expect excellent shopping, fresh local food, as well as many other St. Barts things to do.

Beach Bliss: Relax and Unwind on St Barts' Stunning Shorelines

At the top of most visitors’ lists of things to do in St Barts is beach lounging. There are several must-visit beaches that run the range from fashionable and popular to quiet and peaceful.

Saline Beach

On one end of the spectrum of secluded to popular is Saline Beach, which almost feels like a local secret. Typically not as crowded as the other main St. Barts beaches, Saline is a great option. With no restaurants or clubs nearby to spoil the quiet, relaxing vibe, you can absolutely fall asleep here to the sound of the ocean crashing against the sand. Just remember to bring your sunscreen and a pack for lunch, as well as plenty of water, because services here are minimal.

St. Jean Beach

st jean beach things to do in st barts

St. Jean Beach is the polar opposite of Saline Beach, with much larger crowds, but also more services and eating options. You can get cocktails on the beach here, rent a cabana, or a chair and an umbrella. Expect excellent service here for a price. For beachside parties and dinners, you can’t beat St. Jean Beach. St. Jean Beach is massive, and it includes Eden Rock and Nikki Beach, smaller areas that boast much of the same exquisite service.

Shell Beach

This beach is primarily made up of, you guessed it, shells. Shells from millions of organisms are broken down and eventually crushed into a fine, sand-like powder that washes up perfectly on this beach to form a beautiful, colorful, yet soft beach to hang out. If you’re wondering what to do in St. Barts for a day, definitely take some time to visit Shell Beach.

These three beaches are only the tip of the iceberg for beautiful beaches on the island. Be sure to check out Flamands Beach, Gouverneur Beach, and Columbier Beach for more sand and surf.

Yacht Adventures: Explore the Crystal-clear Waters Surrounding the Island

In St. Barts, yachts aren’t only for the ultra-wealthy. This island paradise is a destination for people traveling by boat, and even those who fly over can experience the high life on the seas by renting a chartered yacht or taking a boat tour.

The waters around St. Barts are crystal clear and full of wildlife. Seeing the island from just off the coast is one of the most popular and fun activities to do in St. Barts. You can motor around to hidden cays and beaches, marvel at the natural wonders and beauty of the island and the area, and even reel in a few fish if you like. Fishing charters are available as well as boat tours and party yachts.

St. Barts is of course known as a party destination, and with many restaurants and clubs on the island, it’s no surprise. But you can also make your own party on a private yacht and sail around the island to experience waters near St. Barts while you party.

yacht things to do in st barts

Discover St Barts' Towns and what to do there

The towns in St. Barts are small and quaint and still carry with them a strong sense of their heritage and history. Aside from beach lounging and indulging in food and drink, exploring St. Barts’s capital city, Gustavia and several other towns is one of the best things to do in St Barts for a day.

Gustavia is the island’s main shopping hub, with designer stores and high-end shops boasting lowered prices and wide selections. Be sure to visit the shell museum in the village of Corossol as well!

Unmissable Things to do in St Barts: Plan Your Dream Caribbean Escape

Embark on an unforgettable vacation in St. Barts! Explore the beauty of the island and discover endless things to do in St. Barts. From pristine beaches to vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone. Book your getaway now and make the most of your time in this tropical paradise. Click here to plan your St. Barts adventure and unlock a world of unforgettable experiences!