Where is St. Barts? St. Barth’s, or St. Barthelemy, is located in the Caribbean Sea near the islands of St. Martin and Martinique. As a French island, you can expect a heavy French influence on the architecture, food, and on languages spoken on the island. Despite its luxurious reputation, it’s far from snooty or inaccessible. Flights to the island are becoming less expensive, and an upswell in the middle tier of the accommodations market on the island makes it affordable for many families around the world.

In recent years, St. Barts has built a reputation as having something for everyone–families and other vacationers–in an attempt to open its beautiful beaches and excellent hospitality to people of all means. Read on to get your questions answered, including how to get to St. Barts.

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Where is St. Barts?

St Barts is part of a large island chain to the extreme east part of the Caribbean Sea. It’s essentially directly east of Puerto Rico. Its capital is Gustavia, which is also the largest town on the island. There is a small local population, and of course, the population swells during the high tourist season, which is typically in the fall and winter in the Northern Hemisphere, when many people flock to the island to experience some Caribbean sun and warmth during the colder months.

St. Barts is a small island, only 11 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. Despite the small size, St. Barts boasts many beaches, some of the most beautiful in the world. So, for those wondering, where is St Barts located? it’s in the perfect, equatorial “sweet spot” that boasts warm weather year-round, albeit with the typical tropical storms of an island destination.

Map of Saint Barthelemy

Gustavia, the capital, is in the relative center of the island, with smaller towns surrounding it. It is mostly concentrated around the coasts of the island, near its beautiful beaches, all of which feature excellent accommodation options for all price points. See below for a map of St. Barth to know where it is.

How to Get to St Barts

For those wondering how to get to St. Barts, the only viable way is via plane. Flights to St. Barth have been getting less expensive in recent years, but airfare remains one of the largest expenses and barriers to those wishing to visit the island.

The 650-meter runway at St. Barth’s airport is not suitable for the landing of large aircraft. However, the neighboring island of Saint Martin, located 25 kilometers away, boasts an international airport known as Princess Juliana Airport, making it convenient to access Saint Barthélemy from there.

Once here, you’ll find more affordable accommodations than in recent years. Many companies on the island offer tourist packages to bundle expenses and save visitors money.

The French Experience in the Caribbean

A former French colony, St. Barts still exhibits the vestiges of its French influence. Be sure to visit the ruins of French rule and several museums explaining who the original inhabitants were and the history of the island. Despite this heavy French influence, you can find touches of other European countries’ marks on the island as well. Many refer to the island as a European-themed, warm-weather utopia full of excellent ways to relax and explore the beautiful, lush interior of the island as well as its world-famous beaches.

As mentioned, St. Barts was a French colony. It is still a part of France today and technically a part of the European Union. As such, there is no need to change your money on the island if you’re visiting from Europe.

Part of the French influence pervades the culinary traditions found on the island. You’ll see a creative fusion of traditional Caribbean foods along with all the trappings of French culinary traditions. Be sure to visit some of the many outdoor cafes, French bakeries, and fine French dining locations throughout the island, particularly in its capital city, Gustavia.

Many of the beaches remind European travelers of European locations, particularly the French Riviera in summer. One of these beaches is St. Jean Beach, with its many French speakers and aquamarine waters. For this reason, St. Jean is one of the most popular destinations and a must-see on the island. If you’re traveling from Europe, you’re sure to be reminded of some of your favorite vacation destinations on the Continent thousands of miles away in the Caribbean Sea.

How to get to St Barts

Come and Visit St. Barts: The French Caribbean Island

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