St Barts Island in the Caribbean is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and exclusive experiences. Among its many attractions, the island’s beach clubs stand out as the epitome of sophistication and relaxation. 

The beach clubs in St. Barts offer more than just a place to lounge by the sea. They provide a complete experience where you can enjoy gourmet cuisine, sip on expertly crafted cocktails, and revel in the island’s stunning scenery. Each club has its own unique charm and atmosphere, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a lively party scene or a secluded escape, the beach clubs of St Barts have something to offer everyone.

Let’s explore some of the finest beach clubs in St Barts that promise an unparalleled beachside experience.

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Top Beach Clubs in St Barts

Gyp Sea Beach Club (Gyp Sea Hotel)

Gyp Sea Beach Club, located at the Gyp Sea Hotel, is a haven for those seeking a laid-back yet upscale beach experience. The club boasts a bohemian-chic design, with comfortable loungers and cabanas scattered across the white sands. 

Guests can indulge in a variety of gourmet dishes inspired by local cuisine and signature cocktails while soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean views. Gyp Sea Beach Club often hosts special events, themed nights, and live entertainment making a visit here all the more memorable.

Gyp Sea Beach Club truly captures the essence of St Barts beach clubs, offering a perfect retreat for the discerning traveler.

Location: W538+CJ Gustavia, St Barthélemy


La Case (Cheval Blanc Hôtel)

La Case at Cheval Blanc Hotel St-Barth epitomizes luxury and elegance as the only property in the Caribbean with Palace distinction. With its refined décor, exceptional service, and breathtaking views, La Case offers an exclusive beachside experience. 

Guests can savor exquisite Caribbean cuisine crafted by renowned chef Jean Imbert while lounging in stylish surroundings. His menu celebrates all foods local, offering a delightful array of flavors. Fresh, responsibly sourced fish is served raw, island spices elevate the meats, and locally grown herbs add depth to each vegetable dish. 

The beach club’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence make it one of the premier beach clubs St Barts has to offer.

Location: W49W+J6 Gustavia, St Barthélemy

Website: La Case

La Cabane (Cheval Blanc Hôtel)

Adjacent to La Case, La Cabane provides a more casual yet equally luxurious beach club experience. Also part of the Cheval Blanc Hôtel, La Cabane is perfect for those who prefer a relaxed vibe with the same level of service and quality. The music effortlessly blends modern rhythms with timeless classics, creating a perfect harmony.

This fusion restaurant and beach club offers an inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy gourmet dishes, from fresh seafood to succulent meats and locally sourced ingredients. La Cabane’s Tiki Bar serves up artistically crafted cocktails catering to all tastes and pallets. 

Overall, the seamless blend of casual elegance makes La Cabane a favorite among visitors to St. Barts beach clubs.

Location: W49W+Q2 Gustavia, St Barthélemy

Website: La Cabane

La Cabane (Cheval Blanc Hôtel)​

Shellona Beach

Shellona Beach is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and chic design. Located on Shell Beach, this beach club offers stunning views, particularly at sunset. Shellona Beach is a hotspot for socializing, with a lively crowd and a DJ spinning tunes inspired by trends from Ibiza and Mykonos that keep the energy high. 

The menu created by Greek Chef Yiannis Kioroglou features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that is both healthy and satiating. The cocktails cater to all tastes, from the light and refreshing to the boldly spicy.

For those looking for a lively and stylish beach club experience, Shellona Beach is an excellent choice.

Location: V5V2+6F Gustavia, St Barthélemy

Website: Shellona Beach

Shellona Beach​

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is perhaps the most iconic name in the world of beach clubs, and its St. Barts location lives up to the brand’s reputation for glamour and exclusivity. This beach club is the perfect place to see and be seen, attracting a chic and fashionable crowd. 

Nikki Beach offers luxurious, all-white daybeds and the brand’s trademark teepees throughout. You will enjoy exceptional service and a menu that includes both international and local flavors. The club often hosts themed parties and events, and is popular with many of the world’s most well-known celebrities.

For a livelier and more exciting beach club experience, make a reservation at Nikki Beach Club St Barts.

Location: W537+2WQ Gustavia, St. Barthélemy

Website: Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach​

Enjoy St. Barts' Top Beach Clubs

St Barts’ beach clubs are more than just places to relax by the sea; they are destinations that offer a blend of luxury, style, and top-tier service. Whether you prefer the bohemian charm of Gyp Sea Beach Club, the refined elegance of La Case, or the vivacious atmosphere of Nikki Beach, there is a beach club in St Barts to suit every taste. These exclusive venues promise unforgettable experiences and memories, making your stay on the island truly exceptional.

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